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Current Highlight
Fashion Peace 2003 :: T-Fense 2002 :: Home Grown
All one-of-kind outfits, these altered pieces present various ideas on creative change in the world. Please check back regularly as we update this site with new outfits. If your interested in being sponsored with clothing to create an outfit,
please contact




:: T-FENSE 2002 T-SHIRTS ::
Cool initiative by our friends Shawn and Ben who promote world peace through original t-shirt designs and unique pieces.
If your interested in picking up a T-fense shirt for yourself, t-shirts are $35 and proceeds benefit SEEDS OF PEACE


An art gallery of different t-shirt design ideas we received while touring music festivals across the states.
If you have a pen and something to say about changing the world, please design a shirt.
The most creative designs we receive win cool stuff from one of our partners.








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