Global Inheritance and the ROOTS present FEED YOUR ROOTS, a campaign to educate and integrate composting in schools across the United States. Every school will have the opportunity to win their own ROOTS compost bin that’s autographed by the band and originally designed by Ryan Riss, Erik Otto , Jeremiah Garcia, Carlos Batts or Erik Siador.

Schools will be judged on their creativity in designing the school composting program and developing a compost poster to generate awareness among students.

The FEED YOUR ROOTS campaign launched on February 10, 2007 at the 4th ANNUAL ROOTS JAM SESSION in Los Angeles, CA. All ROOTS compost bins were exhibited in a special green room inside the venue. A number of artists and celebrities signed a special ROOTS compost bin that will auctioned off to raise funds for the FEED YOUR ROOTS campaign. People signing this bin included Dave Chappelle, Jill Scott, Common,, Matisyahu, Fall Out Boy, Isaiah Washington, India Arie, Talib Kweli and many more.

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Only high school, junior high school and elementary school teachers/students based in the United States can participate in the FEED YOUR ROOTS environmental campaign.
Write an outline describing in detail the steps you’ll take in developing a compost program for your school.
Design a 11"x17" poster promoting your composting program.
The poster should visually communicate items you compost at your school.

Posters can be designed in the media of your choice - traditional or digital, but all designs will need to be submitted electronically (traditional artisits should scan or photograph their work).
Posters must be 11" x17" (vertical format).
If you are able to work at high resolution (300ppi), please do.
When submitting your work via email, please ensure that the attached image file is in JPG format and is no larger than 1MB.

Send your poster designs, along with your written outline to ::

Click the images above to download and print these informational posters for your school.
Posters are provided in PDF format and can be printed at any size and still look great.
When you print them choose "Fit To Page" from your print dialog box.
Poster designs courtesy of :: eyerus propaganda kolektiv
For press inquiries, please email ::
Special thank you to OkayPlayer, Keldof 360, Goodtime Girl Productions and everyone involved with this project.
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